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Argentina Journey: El Calafate Background and Sights

Argentina Journey: El Calafate Background and Sights
El Calafate is a Little Patagonia City in the Santa Cruz Province on the southern shore of Lake 
Argentino. The City’s Title derives from the calafate, an evergreen shrub that has yelLower fLowerers 
and Dim blue berries and that grows all More than Patagonia.

The Area’s 1st inhabitants Had been the Tehuelche Folks, a nomadic, hunter-gatherer Customs that 
migrated Via these Components of Patagonia for Numerous 1000 Many Yrs Prior to the arrival of 
European explorers. 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Perito Moreno, travelers can Stop by the 
Cueva de las Manos, a Sequence of caves with 9,000 Yr Older hand paintings. First Make contact with with the 
Spaniards Occured in the 16thcentury, but it would be A lot more than 300 Many Yrs Prior to Argentines 
Founded a presence in the Area. These days, there are fewer than 4,000 Tehuelches.

For A lot of Many Yrs, the City that would Come to be El Calafate was a Little Buying and selling Article transited by wool 
traders who traveled In between the estancias (ranches) by cart. 1 of the 1st Properties of Be aware 
was a Common Shop operated by the Pantin Family members. They also Founded an inn that Started to be an 
More thannight stopping Place for travelers passing Via the Area.

The City of El Calafate was formally Founded in 1927, but it Do not see any Considerable 
Advancement Right up until a decade or so After. Perito Moreno Nationwide Playground was Developed in 1937 and Los 
Glaciares Nationwide Playground in 1943. The City’s infrastructure grew as a Outcome of the Require to 
Offer Companies and Services for trekkers and climbers Fascinated in Stop bying the nearby 
glaciers and mountains. On the other hand, the Amount of Visitors rePrincipaled Pretty Lower Right up until the 1970s, when 
the Perito Moreno Glacier Started to Come to be a Important Visitor attraction.

These days, El Calafate Continues to be the principal Bottom for trekking to Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre and 
for other sightseeing tours in the Place. Sights in City Consist of the El Calafate Historical 
Interpretation Middle which displays skeletons of dinosaurs and mega-fauna. The museum visually 
narrates the geologic and Individual history of Patagonia. There is also the Glaciarium, or the Ice and 
Glaciers Interpretation Middle, dedicated to the Area’s Principal attractions.

The City center has a concentrated Assortment of restaurants and other establishments serving 
Patagonian and Intercontinental cuisine. Lodging Choices are Several in the center of City, 
but travelers can also Remain in estancia-like lodging Even more from the City center.

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