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Spice It Up

The goodness of Capsicum – Fiery Facts

Seeking heat in a fast approaching winter Period is nothing new. Not only rearranging your
wardrobe and Getting reacquainted with your favourite jacket and boots, but also regarding the
culinary Part of your life. When I Believe about cooking in winter time, I Believe about warm, hot,
wholesome, steaming dishes. Spiced and inviting to the palate, welcoming the generous heat to warm
you from the inPart out. And what better way to generate a bit of heat, than to introduce chillies
to your diet.

These little gems bring a colourful array to your refrigerator and come in Various shapes, sizes
and intensity. Botanically speaking – chillies are the fruits of Capsicum and are classified as
berries. The Capsicum Loved ones consist of a wide variety, including Indian Chillies, Chilli Padi,
Scotch Bonnet, Jalape?os, Cherry Peppers, Cyan peppers etc., and is categorised into three groups:
Bell Peppers (Mild), Sweet Peppers (Strong) and Hot Peppers (HOT!).

Apart from Getting great in taste, capsicum also has great nutritional value and accords numerous
health benefits to people. Capsicum contains Carotenoids, Professionalteins, Fats, Vitamin A and C,
Capsaicinoid Oleoresin and Professional-vitamins E, P, B1, B2 and B3. Due to the intense burning sensation
caused by capsaicin, 1 cannot consume great quantities in order to achieve RDA recommendations.

The research of Capsicum in health and medical fields is phenomenal. Health benefits Consist of:
cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, antioxidant properties by neutralizing free
radicals, anti-inflammatory properties, reduces infection, reduces cholesterol, speeding up
Metabolic process, great for treating colds and fevers, lowers triglycerides, triggers the release of
endorphins (feel good horm1), Discomfort relief and is safe for diabetics. Recent studies also
indicate that capsicum is Getting used to fight cancer, due to the ability to cause Variousiation
in cancer cells, returning them to normalcy.

Capsicum plays a Leading role in Fat loss, since the discovery that it increases diet-induced
thermo-genesis (heating the body naturally), Therefore increasing the Metabolic process by burning fat
faster than normal rate. It naturally suppresses your appetite, so you won’t feel hungry most of
the time, and you don’t snack as Generally. Resent research reveals that capsicum may inhibit the
growth of fat cells by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which is found in muscle
and other Human being tissue that regulates eating Routines and energy expenditure. As well as the
stimulation of skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation. In other words, the fat is used up as energy,
rather than storing.

So, with all the explosive goodness of capsicum in the nutrition and health industry, I need not
explain why we added capsicum to Professionalducts. You are Assured of a phenomenon that will change
the way you look at your Fat. It’s time to HEAT up your BODY! Get that hot Body!

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