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What’s More Important Than The Cost Of Your Gym Membership

What’s More Important Than The Cost Of Your Gym Membership
There’s only one thing you should be doing in the pursuit of fitness and weight loss success…

You should only do those things that work for you and nothing else. Most people have a feeling that they
need to join a gym in order to get results. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You don’t need a gym to accomplish anything. Now, some people love training at a gym and some don’t.
Either way it goes, if you do what works for you whether it’s in the gym or at home, you’ll get results. Nuff

I’ll never forget the first time I purchased my first gym membership. Although I was excited about it, my
first times in the gym weren’t the most productive. Why? Because I simply wasn’t comfortable.

Here I was, fresh out of high school and skinnier than a hot dog rubbing elbows with a bunch of guys with
arms so big that I immediately thought, “steroids” anytime I saw them.

What happened to me happens to a lot of people in the gym. You’ll see people join a gym but have less
than productive workouts simply because they aren’t used to seeing everyone in shape and being able to
look at themselves in the mirror from any angle you DON’T want.

Although the atmosphere is motivating for some, it could be detrimental to others. So never feel you MUST
join a gym in order to get results. Just because you miss the gym atmosphere doesn’t mean you won’t get
the results you want.

What it comes down to is this, you have to know what you want and have a plan for getting there. If you
like the gym and the atmosphere it provides, by all means make that a part of your plan. But if you don’t,
scrap it.

Your results will come down to how effectively you’re able to consistency stimulate your muscles to grow,
maintain good eating habits, and get enough rest. Where and how you do it doesn’t matter. What
matters is staying consistent doing those things that will help you progress towards your goal.

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